(12 PACK) - Nitty Gritty - Nit Free Comb | 1unit | 12 PACK BUNDLE

(12 PACK) - Nitty Gritty - Nit Free Comb | 1unit | 12 PACK BUNDLE

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Nitty Gritty-Nit Free CombHead lice and nits... Now you really can beat them... Without nasty chemicals... Because our Nitty Gritty Comb is exactly what your family needs to quickly and easily get rid of all head lice, nits – and even the 'live' eggs which other products leave behind to hatch a new generation of little monsters in your children's hair. You won't need to buy nasty chemical treatments or other combs EVER again.That's right. Because the Nitty Gritty Comb uses state of the art, cutting edge advanced technology and good old-fashioned common sense to get the whole job done.

As many people will have experienced, dealing with nits is a total drain.

Up until recently I had a pack of trusty nit combs which was my go-to and had lasted a number of years. However, due to the plastic material, they eventually deteriorated to the point of no return - impossible to clean and so brittle the teeth fell off in clumps. But there were benefits, which I'll touch on later. I have used chemical formulas and the fairly recent dehydration type formulas (the latter of which are very good), but with the frequency with which you may have to battle those dreaded nits, they can be expensive compared to a comb.

The Nitty Gritty is pretty well represented with reviews, and rightly so. A very solid, sturdy metal construction with little grippy bits on the handle part, it's unlikely to bend or break unless you deliberately set out to destroy it! So no more breaking plastic components. Secondly, it has rounded edges on the base of the prongs, so it isn't likely to rip open your scalp anytime soon. Finally - the unique feature - is the spiral-like construction of the prongs, ensuring your nits and lice aren't able to easily stick in your hair.

As usual, slapping conditioner on your hair is a good way to assist with the use of the comb to give yourself the best chance of ridding the lice from hair. The Nitty Gritty worked really well, and ran through the hair easily and picked up some of the smaller lice and eggs with a first pass. My one gripe is the colour of the comb. When I had the plastic set, the combs were in yellow and lilac colour, which really helped to see the eggs and lice easily. With the metal comb, it's not so easy to identify the little monsters, and you have to wipe on kitchen roll or similar to be able to properly see if the comb has picked anything up.

It's definitely a stayer in our house, and is durable enough to be kept by the bath ready for routine checks. No disintegration or broken parts are expected because of its solid metal construction. The prongs don't hurt and, providing you've used ample conditioner, it shouldn't get tangled. If it was a problem, my kids would've let me know by now - so it's got the thumbs up from them.

A good investment.
By feintzebra 15 November 2017
Amazing comb. There's been an issue with lice at my daughter's school and she was devastated when she caught them. We tried the greasy, smelly treatments which did nothing to kill the eggs. This got both lice and eggs with a 20 min treatment and comb through then a conditioner and comb through. She is now free of eggs and lice.
By bianca 9 November 2017
Have to say I don't normally write reviews but this has really impressed me! My little girl's hair is very fine and dark so it was impossible to see the live eggs, only the empty dead white ones when they eventually grow out. However, the comb pulled out the very small darker eggs (think these are waiting to hatch) even with just one stroke! It is a bit fiddly to get the extracted eggs out from between the teeth but I suppose that's how it takes them out in the first place. Be sure to use lots of conditioner, it will pull out some of the hair (but nothing major) and she didn't complain. Regarding some reviews which said the teeth were sharp and could hurt the scalp, I definitely didn't use it digging into the head but went perpendicular to the hair section, repeating from different directions to make sure I got everything before moving on to the next section.
By first time mom 30 June 2018
I found this one of the hardest nit combs to use on my kids. Getting it through the hair was a nightmare, even with lashings of conditioner. As I was unable to get it from root to tip (it tended to cause tangles half way and have to be yanked out), it was not as effective as removing nits as my usual comb I have used in the past. Also because of the difficulty in getting it through the hair, the handle size and shape made it difficult to hold and so it kept slipping out of my hands.

We have reverted back to the standard cheap comb we were using for any possible (fingers crossed) future removal. I would imagine it would be ok on finer or shorter hair but for girls with long hair it is a no-go for me.
By TheShopaholic 26 July 2018
Working in junior schools unfortunately nits is a professional hazard. this is by far the best comb I have ever used I will never go back. Use lots of conditioner as it really does scrape your hair
By DandilionUK 14 March 2017
Terrible design. So where the comb teeth come out of the handle of the comb the is a small room right around and all the yucky lice and eggs collect in it. So after one pull through the hair you have to clean it out with a pin before the next one otherwise you'll just be putting them back into the hair. The very cheap plastic ones are far better.
By C. Ritchie 30 August 2018
This comb is certainly sturdy and does remove the disgusting parasites, but like other reviews have pointed out it pulls out my daughter's hair in chunks. She has long fine hair and despite using it on wet hair, laden with conditioner and coconut oil, it's shredded her hair trying to get it through. You decide whether it's worth it, but for me it might be a slight evolution in design compared to the regular plastic type, but it's still a flawed design that needs refining. And even after going through the barbaric process of ripping out my little one's hair, there's still nits. If I'm going to have to do several passes anyway, I'd rather do several passes with a less clinical and harsh comb - back to the plastic one for me. Not overly impressed and I can't see why it's so highly rated when it butchers the hair?!
By purgatorio80 27 August 2018
This is a great comb. It worked so much better than those little plastic ones. We thought using those, that we had all the nits out but this found more, and it removes eggs. This type of comb is essential. It does say use it on wet conditioned hair, so those slippery nits don't have a chance! Good luck!
PS there are similar/cheaper styles on but I didn't want to mess about risking it, so I went for this one. Others may work.
By pjae27 7 August 2018