(10 Pack) Johnson's Vet - Hairball Remedy Johnson's Vet

(10 Pack) Johnson's Vet - Hairball Remedy Johnson's Vet

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  • (10 Pack) Johnson's Vet - Hairball Remedy
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Hairball Remedy

Have bought this for my cat jess who is 12yrs old just getting used to it but she has really improved not been bringing up hairballs as often as she used to and is passing them out really easily
Shes not keen on me putting it on her paws so i usually put it on her paws when she is sleeping but she is alot better now will keep on using this
By barbara birtwistle 2 March 2016
Fantastic product! My cat was bringing up hairballs daily, and it really scared me. He's two and it had never happened before, so I started to get worried. After researching as I was about to take him to the vets, I bought this and a very good cat hair comb to remove dead hair. He is always cleaning himself and his wife. Now with one week old kittens, he's cleaning them, but no more hairballs! I just applied it to one of his paws. The first time he wasn't happy and jumped around for a bit. I applied three days in a row, then every other day after that. Sometimes I forget, but still no hairballs! He now isn't bothered about it on his paw and just licks it off. I'm very happy with this product!
By TheOldfieldFamily 31 January 2016
My cat didn't like the taste, so would not eat it of his own accord, but when I tried to administer it to him on my finger (you are supposed to give him an inch worth), it is so runny it drips everywhere, so he ended up with it all over his chin as well. Not the best paste I've ever used for my cats.
By Honest Reviewer 27 February 2018
The advert is deceiving saying £4.45 per 50g(£6.36 per 100g) which lead me to believe I was ordering 4 x 100g tubes of the product, instead I received 4 x 50g tubes !! Certainly it needs to be made clear what exactly you are getting for your money. It is in this respect cheaper to go to Pets at Home where it is £4 per 50g tube. The product itself does the trick and works really well. We don't get quite so many fur balls as we use to.
By Les Kilsby 24 December 2016
Our two kittens really love the taste of the product, however that's the only positive.

Rather a big negative is that the tube arrived sealed and undamaged, yet is almost completely empty.

Once you've squeezed all of the air out of the tube, you have to really squeeze the tube to get anything out. Now I'm no stranger to rolling up a toothpaste tube, stubbornly determined to get the last bit out, but this is hard work... and it's brand new!

I've also left a negative review for the seller who asked for photos only then to say 'oh sent it, so you'll need to contact them' - if they'd bothered to look at my order they could have saved us both some hassle! All I wanted was a (full) replacement tube, but for a couple quid product this is just a joke. So, as usual, if you want good customer service then get it from directly.
By Meet Fry and Leela 31 July 2018
I decided to try this instead of Katalax as its lower in price & the reviews that i had read about it had been good.
It seems to have worked on my cat just as well as the Katalax had & it appears that the ingredients are the same, so i am very pleased with it.
I would say that its slightly stickier than Katalax but it has the same effect & it works, which is all that matters.
By cat lover 25 September 2015
This is the first hairball remedy that my cat eats voluntarily! Normally its a sniff and run affair but with Johnson's she runs to me when I get it out of the cupboard. She hasn't been coughing since so it must be working. Only negative is the picture isn't the right product. I received a squeeze tube not a dispenser like in the picture.
By AmazonAddict 20 July 2015
I don't know how much this product is helping as I've not noticed any extra hair in her stools or seen her coughing up anything but kitty seems to like it .At first i was putting it on her paw . & she was rushing off to lick it off but felt kitty was finding that a bit stressful as was i . Anyhow tried her with a pea sized amount on my finger and she licked it off in an instant .
By Michael turner 23 July 2014