(10 Pack) Beaphar - One Dose Wormer for Large Dogs 4 Tabs

(10 Pack) Beaphar - One Dose Wormer for Large Dogs 4 Tabs

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  • (10 Pack) Beaphar - One Dose Wormer for Large Dogs 4 Tabs
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One Dose Wormer for Large Dogs 4 Tabs

I have successfully used this product many times before as a preventative measure and to the best of my knowledge the dog has never had worms. However, this time of use the dog took a reaction and was violently sick. Of course, dogs being dogs the being sick might be unrelated. I'll wait until next time to make a full judgement.
By Mark R 12 October 2017
Happy dogs, they work a treat really small size tablets, so really easy to give dogs, you get four tablets in pack so great value for money, arrived well packaged and within the delivery date
By nicola 12 August 2017
Does what it's supposed to do. My dog tries her best to avoid eating it, but now rather than putting them in peanut butter, I put the tablets into a piece of sausage. She doesn't notice the tablets then I've discovered.
Fast delivery too

* Would recommend
By AO 13 April 2018
Have never seen any evidence of an infestation but obviously better to prevent than cure!
Don’t think my dogs even noticed the addition to their breakfast,
By Amazon Customer 14 February 2018
Usually myou dog gets upset tummy when I give him worming tablets. I've tried a few now and this is the only one that seems to agree with hime.
By Ms. A. J. Duffy 15 March 2018
Excellent service and product will use again
By The Biker 13 April 2017
My dog (mastiff cross) is usually fine on this but he became quite lethargic and threw up about 10 hours after taking it this time. Perhaps a dodgy pack? As I say, he's had it before and was ok.
By Anna Simmons 2 July 2018
Ordered Friday for Saturday delivery, got a message Saturday midday to say i wouldn't get it until Monday as it was out of stock, with the holiday weekend i only got it today so that was a tad annoying. However, the product itself is great and I would definitely but it again
By Miss G. L. Ingram 29 May 2018