(12 Pack) Beaphar - One Dose Wormer for Small Dogs & Puppies 3 Tabs

(12 Pack) Beaphar - One Dose Wormer for Small Dogs & Puppies 3 Tabs

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  • (12 Pack) Beaphar - One Dose Wormer for Small Dogs & Puppies 3 Tabs
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One Dose Wormer for Small Dogs & Puppies 3 Tabs

I have a 9 week old toy yorkshire terrier. She was retching and i thought thats not rite so brought these for her. Gave her 1 in the morning -the next morning there were 3 tape worms around 6-8 inches long ,all be it they were fine they wete still tape worm .
She started to retch again 4 days on so gave her another this time on an empty stomache at 6am and the next day 5 tape worms came out -these were slightly thicker than the first 3 so obviously older and stronger.
Poor thing -ill give her another with 4 days apart untill there are no more tape worms present.
Some dont realise that if after giving these to your puppy or dog that if a worm is present you need to give the next dose 4 days after to make sure they are all gone.
Good price and definately work on my 9 week old puppy.
Very tiny pills so very easy for puppies to swallow. I open my puppys mouth and gently push it down the back of her throat - hold her mouth closed and gently rib under the throat to stimulate swallowing.
By Debbie 7 October 2017
good seller good product will use again
By Philip Evans 20 April 2017
This was the correct product that was required
By tanya m clark 11 March 2017
Have to give my pup three of these at a time to make up the required dose. So not exactly "one dose" as the pack suggests, nor really a "4 pack", when 3 are really just 1 :/ Together with not handling ringworm, I'd say that makes it a pretty poor product for the advertised purpose :(
By Lee 27 October 2017
I use this product regularly and have done for my last three dogs over nearly twenty years
By Mrs Rebecca Hammond 25 December 2015
The outer packaging was open . The box containing the item was all crushed. I can't say how good the item is as I am not a small dog. I have had other items from the company and they were fine.
By TERESA 12 August 2018
No complaints from my beloved dog. So yeah highly recommend.
By Wa7n3 1 May 2017
Quick delivery have not given him one yet but sure it will be safe and effective
By ann smith 15 July 2018