(2 Pack) - Antistax - Leg & Vein Massage Gel | 125ml | 2 PACK BUNDLE

(2 Pack) - Antistax - Leg & Vein Massage Gel | 125ml | 2 PACK BUNDLE

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  • Leg & Vein Massage Gel
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Antistax-Leg Gel Tube (125ml) Antistax® now offers a Cooling Leg Gel which has a comforting, cooling and soothing effect on your legs. Antistax® Cooling Leg Gel contains a special ingredient called FlavenÂ"¢. In combination with cooling and soothing agents it stimulates the microcirculation in your legs, when gently massaged onto the skin.

This gel is amazing, my girlfriend suffers restless legs at night and has tried everything, i happened to find this and took a gamble and ordered it, she has found it to be amazing and really refreshes her legs when the creeping feeling starts, will definitely be buying more
By Chris g. 28 June 2018
Amazing product. I’m a wedding videographer and I’m on my feet between 10 and 12 hours on an average wedding day. I was suffering terribly with aching legs to the point where I couldn’t sleep after finishing filming. Having bought this, I’m so much better. I put it on in the morning before putting on my compression tights and it’s worked wonders.
By K. Isaacs 9 July 2018
By g g 11 December 2017
Very good for your legs, stops them aching and cools them at the same time.
By Sherlock Holmes Lins 20 April 2018
Can’t say it worked for me but it did have a kind of cooling effect on my restless legs
By Kerz 12 July 2018
I bought this for my 79 yr old father, who had found this gel very beneficial for his achy legs, and has asked me to buy another one for him!
By Ms Malik 27 July 2018
arrived on time.. is what it says
By Susan adams 15 July 2018
very good gel
By Mrs. L. M. C. Nourouzi 12 June 2017