#LipGlam - Multi-award winning,100% Natural, Argan Oil Infused, Beauty Lip Balm & Lip Primer Used by Celeb's & MUA's. Thicker than Burts Bees Eos Nivea Carmex Prosecco Nyx - (5 month Supply)

#LipGlam - Multi-award winning,100% Natural, Argan Oil Infused, Beauty Lip Balm & Lip Primer Used by Celeb's & MUA's. Thicker than Burts Bees Eos Nivea Carmex Prosecco Nyx - (5 month Supply)

  • ✅ Formulated thicker than Burts Bees Eos Nivea Carmex Prosecco Nyx Co bigelow lip balms
  • ✅ Contains Argan Oil 8-hour moisture Proven softer lips in 1 hour
  • ✅ Multi Award Winning Used by Beauty Professional and MUA's
  • ✅ WAX-to-OIL melts when applied to skin 100% natural ingredients Dermatologically tested
  • ✅ Made in England Medical Grade ingredient lip balm
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✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ #LipGlam is used by celebrities, beauty bloggers & MUA's. It lasts for 8 hours making it perfect to use under lip makeup to prevent your lips drying out. It has a super thick formula and so 1 tube lasts 3 times longer than your average lipbalm! Discover beautiful softness with #LipGlam, a medical grade lip balm that lets your natural radiance shine through. This fast-acting lip balm (Proven softer lips within 1 hour)* delivers instant relief and 8-hour* moisture, while restoring your skin's natural defences. #LipGlam contains Argan Oil, one of nature's finest oils, holding moisture in the skin for deep hydration.

It can be used to Lips, Cuticles, Lipstick Primer, dry skin areas (knuckles, elbows, nasal passage). #LipGlam leaves your lips soft and dewy, with an instant plumping effect. It revitalizes your skin's natural barrier and resistance to environmental toxins. By optimizing your natural defenses, it reactivates inner radiance and ensures a healthy glow.

#LipGlam is 100% natural and specially formulated to soothe even sensitive skin. It has no added scent, flavour or colour and is dermatologically tested; so ideal for those with easily irritated skin. It can also be used for dry skin relief as it reduces skin roughness by 40%. Formulated to be thicker than Burts Bees Eos Nivea Prosecco Carmex Nyx Co bigelow lip balms.

Simple, 100% natural and indulgent, #LipGlam makes it easy to have soft, beautiful lips every day. Search #LipGlam on INSTAGRAM to see our happy customers @LipGlamUK. Now available on Amazon.

* 100% of users tested agree.

At first I thought it was a bit pricey, now after using it I see why, its a much better quality balm than anything I've tried.

im a lip balm addict and this tube is lasting at least 2-3x longer than my usual so the price spent initially covers itself in the long run.

This makes me a very very happy customer and I am very glad I tried it.

Delivery is also very quick and well packaged.
By yasar 14 December 2017
Just got this product as I liked the packaging. It has such a thick formula it’s sometimes hard to squeeze out the tube! But that’s its strength.

It absorbs into the skin in 5-10mins and I think this tube will last twice as long as other lipbalms.

I even told my friends about this one!
By Vince 3 December 2017
The product itself is very good and lasts for some time but the packaging is poor for such a thick balm, The bottom of the tube split within 48 hours even though it was in a warm environment. The tube definitely needs improving and lets the product down.,
By EB 21 February 2018
I am a lip balm QUEEN! Always on the search for the perfect balm and I’ve finally found it!
It moisturises beautifully, leaves a gorgeous glossy coat (eliminates need for lip gloss) and has a slight golden sheen to it.
Love it so much I’ve just ordered a second one.
By penny 24 June 2018
Best lip balm I've used! Saved my chapped lips in a matter of minutes. Comparable to high end expensive brands. I'll be stocking up.
By Peacock Shoes 17 December 2017
I started Ro/accutane medication 6 weeks ago and needed a good lip balm to get as a preemptive to the dry lips the med gives you (and boy are they dry!) however I was recommended a different lip balm by my dermatologist which I tried and quite frankly isn’t a patch on this ! I’m about to order my second tube. It’s the only lip balm that works properly for me and I’ve nearly panicked a few times thinking I may have left it somewhere. I haven’t finished this tube yet, but I’m getting my second one for when it does soon as I do use it like it’s going out of fashion. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Edit - I still love the balm and now am on my 4th tube, however - I have had 2 TUBES SPLIT on me now and I’m getting fed up of it ! Please sort it out as this is not a cheap product !
By Amy Rowlands 11 August 2018
Great product, good value for money in my opinion. Very rich in quality, I apply it once daily, lasts me most of the day. Unlike cheap balms that have you applying 5 times each day. My lips are much smoother, the redness is coming back, no chapped lips at all. Good to use on cuticles as well. At this rate, I think one tube will last me at least one month.
By Amazon Customer 18 December 2017
I do suffer with dry lips and after reading the reviews I decided to give it a try. Got to say the hype is justified. It's brilliant. So difficult to get out, at first I though it was empty!! That would be my only grumble. Once it's on its super and lasts for ages.
By Amazon Customer 13 May 2018