KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Mini Magic Whisk, 20 cm (8") 20 cm (8") Kitchen Craft KCMAGIC

KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Mini Magic Whisk, 20 cm (8") 20 cm (8") Kitchen Craft KCMAGIC

  • Whisk like magic! KitchenCraft has packed mountains of whisking power into this small-but-ingenious utensil
  • Each tight coil acts like a mini whisk, pumping egg whites full of air, smashing lumps out of sauces and mixing up velvety vinaigrettes
  • It's a pro chefs' whisk on a smaller scale. But unlike its big bro, it's nice and lightweight, and fits in jugs, cups and gravy boats
  • It's made of robust stainless steel, which is odour, stain and rust resistant
  • This mini whisk is dishwasher safe and comes with a 12 month guarantee
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Product Description

KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Mini Magic Whisk, 20 cm (8")

I mainly use this whisk for making lump free gravy and hot chocolate (being sure to wash it thoroughly between each!). It requires far less effort than a regular balloon whisk to provide great results. Its small size also makes it more suitable to be used in mugs and small jugs.
By NotaBene 3 March 2017
I use this whisk for gravy granules or, custard.
For those, it's perfect.
Making up small amounts of things, it saves you from lumps and does the job simply and easily.
I haven't tried to for more difficult jobs like making meringues or the like so, you'd have to see other reviews for things like that.
By Mrs. K. J. Hawk 17 April 2018
Brilliant whisk, not tiny, good to handle.
Very good for whisking eggs in a shallow dish....french toast!!
Thats what I really bought it for, don't know how it will handle whipping cream.
Also good for children to use. Very happy with it.
By Janie Anne 23 December 2017
love this little whisk worth every penny especially when you have arthritis in your wrists like i have it makes whisking easy for such a little thing you will be amazed i use it for my yorkshire pudding mix with ease love it its nice and light and just the right size to hold comfortably
By Amazon Customer 18 January 2018
Brilliant for gravy and hot chocolate. It would also be very good if you make sauces from scratch which I'm going to do. I put the cocoa powder in with a bit of milk first, whisk until smooth, then add the water. Never get lumps now in my options hot chocolate! ☺ such a bargain!
By Katie 3 March 2018
very cheap product but I guess you get what you pay for so can't complain
By Alboodaro 6 December 2017
A very neat little whisk,my only concern the handle is flat and after a little while I had to stop whisking for a minute as it tends to dig into my palm, as it is cheaply priced and does the job I can live with it
By Amazon Customer 14 May 2017
I have had years of use from my original whisk which I lost and have now found. I have kept two and passed one onto my daughter'
By Honey 21 September 2018