KitchenCraft Mini Wire Whisks (Set of 2) Kitchen Craft KCMINIWHISK

KitchenCraft Mini Wire Whisks (Set of 2) Kitchen Craft KCMINIWHISK

  • You can't go wrong with this whisk set! It's all you need for small jobs, like scrambling eggs, mixing sauces and frothing hot drinks
  • You get 2 mini whisks made of robust stainless steel. One measures 13 cm (5") long, the other 18 cm (7")
  • Small size means they fit into tight spaces (like mugs and gravy jugs), and they're ideal for getting kids involved under supervision
  • They come on a little keyring-style loop, so you'll never misplace them and they can be hung on a utensil rack
  • Twelve month guarantee
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Product Description

KitchenCraft Mini Wire Whisks (Set of 2)

I just pulled the larger of the two whisk out of the cutlery drawer only to discover a lot of rust at the bottom of the whisk (just above the handle). No idea how something, that is supposed to get wet, should rust but there you have it.

Two stars as when I did use them they were good. Now they are in the bin. It's hard to resist at this price but beware they won't last you very long unless you are never going to get them wet.
By Paul 20 September 2018
I really love them. They are not for making a cake or stirring the sauce in the pan, but they work if you are trying to beat a couple of eggs for breakfast or trying to make a foam in your coffee. They are small and cute, but not very heavy duty. Don't expect them to do anything more.
By Maha Odeh 24 May 2018
This is my second purchase. brill for whisking my Kenco cappuccinos,my older ones are rusting slightly and for what they cost I treated myself to new ones. Still can't find them in my local shops. I do wish that they were plastic coated to stop them rusting at all
By RATKINSON 23 August 2018
Good small whisks - ideal for small jobs. Nothing fancy here just a basic small whisks that look like they will give many years of service.
By Julian Muir 26 March 2018
After many years of service my little whisk fell to pieces in the egg mixture I was whisking. I hadn't realised just how much I used it until I didn't have it any more. I couldn't find a replacement in my local shops and so I tried where I have managed to find so many value for money products in the past.
These whisks are exactly what I wanted and were sent very quickly - I gave them a quick wash and they were in service immediately!
By hilary 18 November 2011
IT was a smaller whisk head then I thought it would be
By Amazon Customer 27 May 2018
These whisks are ideal for whisking up hot chocolate or a cappuccino but are too flimsy for anything else. There are much better quality small whisks on the market if you want to make small amounts of batter or scrambled eggs or anything with any substance to it. But for what I wanted they're fine and you can't go wrong for the price.
By Forester 11 July 2013
Cheaply made and the handle moves while using. That said they do what they need to for the price
By Kelvin 15 November 2017