Kitchen Craft "Master Class Nylon/Stainless Steel Whisk, Black/Silver MCNSW Kitchen utensil large tools non stick

Kitchen Craft "Master Class Nylon/Stainless Steel Whisk, Black/Silver MCNSW Kitchen utensil large tools non stick

  • Size: 33.5cm
  • Extra heat resistant to 210 degree C/410 degree F
  • Resistant to odours and discolouration
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Product Description

Comfortable to hold thanks to the soft grip handle, this deluxe Master Class nylon whisk is heat, odour and stain resistant and absolutely perfect for use with non-stick pans. Features a comfort shaped, soft grip non-slip handle.

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Medium sized whisk. Not totally flat, but like a normal whisk that has been bissected in half. The handle isn't straight, and has a slight curve which makes using it seem awkward and unusual at first.
I like the flat design as it makes cleaning it easier than a typical whisk, however with use with thick mixes it doesn't feel particularly strong and because the whisk isn't one singular piece of plastic but a series of parts connected, and over time the black section of the handle has separated from the shiny silver in the middle of the whisk.
By Peter 17 November 2015
Not quite flat hence the four stars, but still a good whisk which can be used in non stick pans. Can't flex the whisk in the pan as tines are connected at the end and they are done in such a way that it creates a slight 'bowl' shape
By Milo 7 September 2016
Plastic whisk part not finished that well with rough plastic tags from molding. Not that it effects its use but just makes it seem of lesser quality
By M. Tucker 30 April 2017
Not flat at all even though advertising as flat
By A Bulmer 23 February 2018
I thought it would be more flexible material. The nylon is a little bit to stiff to be used for proper whisking. Also the finish of the whisk blades is not so good. There are tiny pieces of material you first have to scrape off, before using it with food products. Otherwise you will get little pieces of black nylon in your food.
By Erik Haak 4 December 2013
For the love of god somebody please invent disposable whisk I hate cleaning whisks. But as whisks go this one is easier to clean than most
By James 19 July 2018
No more scratched pans, it really works when I am making sauces etc.
By Mrs. S. A. Beardmore 14 September 2018
Does the job and hopefully will save our new non stick pan old habits of using steel against steel and eating teflon rue now gone
By Amazon Customer 9 January 2018