(12 Pack) Beaphar - Household Flea Powder 300g

(12 Pack) Beaphar - Household Flea Powder 300g

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  • (12 Pack) Beaphar - Household Flea Powder 300g
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Household Flea Powder 300g

My ferret caught fleas on his walk in the summer and after i used flea treatment (for ferrets) the fleas came straight back. So i brought his flea powder it smells great and did the job! I only had to use it once and he didn't catch fleas again. Recommended! 👍
By Peri 10 March 2015
killed some, not brilliant, more granule than powder so tends to sit on carpet rather than sink into the fibres, so you either hoover and lose it all or leave it for days to do any good, wouldn't buy again for that reason.
By Anne Gibson 2 November 2017
Used it as preventive after our favourite friendly cat came to visit with some of his friends. Hence we wont know whether is worked or not. However, I feel the powder is not fine enough to get some grip on the back of armchairs for example. I will not re-order because of that.
By Fabienne 24 July 2018
It works but the shaker could work a bit more evenly. Its really tough to spread evenly over a big area.
By DisscFrench 23 August 2017
Yes the product is what to be expected, though i didnt anticipate the effort to get the tiny granules out of the carpet. Even with the hoover i had to really scrub to ensure that all bits werte gone. The scent it left behind wasnt as pleasant as some might think but others opinions may be different, i didnt know if i had flea infested carpets though i was being bitten and since havent so probably worked :))
By R. Windley 26 October 2012
It says 30minutes on the tin .. I would say 2 to 3 hours minimum.
By Mark Suzumiya 8 September 2015
One of those products that you don't care about as long as it does the job, I haven't seen any fleas since using this item. So all good for me.
By Joel Wood 24 November 2015
It works. However the smell when it has been down for a while really gets to the back of my throat. Also, there was only between half and 3 quarters of a powder in the tub but other than that it worked and i am happy with the product.
By R roberts 20 September 2017