(10 Pack) Johnson's Vet - Evening Prim Oil Capsules (60) Dog Cat Johnson's Vet

(10 Pack) Johnson's Vet - Evening Prim Oil Capsules (60) Dog Cat Johnson's Vet

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  • (10 Pack) Johnson's Vet - Evening Prim Oil Capsules (60) Dog Cat
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Evening Prim Oil Capsules (60) Dog Cat

My poor old cat has suffered from dermatitis for many years and I have tried countless remedies to help alleviate his condition (Which has on occasion been so bad he has ripped out his own fur!) But nothing made much difference. After yet another trip to the vet, I was at my wits end until the new veterinary nurse asked if I had ever tried evening primrose oil. When I got home I did some research and found Johnsons Evening Primrose oil capsules here on and ordered them immediately. Since I've been giving my cat one a day I have seen a great improvement in his condition. His skin irritation has almost gone completely and his fur growing back beautifully. Obviously what works for one animal, won't necessarily work for another, but if your pet has a skin condition, I would definitely give this a try!
By Amazon Customer 13 November 2015
Amazing...... Steroids have been the only thing stopping my border terrier scratch, scratch, scratching for over two years. A few days after using these she rarely scratches (only normal scratching). I have spent a small fortune on loads of products and yes this is the only one that works. Make sure you put a tablet in the food every day for best results. I am also using it on My other dog (just because its such a good product, felt mean not giving it to the other one). I will use this continually now. Thank you so much Johnsons and ...
By CheekyTaz 14 March 2018
Use these to manage my dogs itching in the summer months. Not caused any upset and no difficultly taking them in fact she will accept them as a treat #hoover. I did read a review about this product being out of date but mine has plenty of time to run. I use two a day for my dog who weighs 14kg
By Tracy Jessup 7 July 2016
after having treated a cat with unknown skin problems via steroids from vet (which over time about 5 years he seems to have become immune to ) tried this as an alternative . its been about 6 weeks and the affected area is slowly getting smaller and no steroids being taken -so no health side effects . Coat is also looking better and has lost the weight gained
By shaz 25 April 2013
Have to smear a tiny amount of butter on it to get my dog to lick it off my hand but it seems to be making his coat shiny and skin not so dry. Vet advised us to give him these as he had a slight dandruff problem, but no more thanks to these capsules.
By Roonie 30 January 2013
Previously recommended these to treat "scurfy" skin in my dog, but local pet shop seem to have stopped selling them. Work wonders for my rough coated black lab and he regularly gets comments on his glossy coat (and no sign of scurfiness returning). Seem to be palatable (but he is a black lab), and fairly pleasant smell.
By nrt 25 October 2013
We rescued a Greyhound who had flaky skin and a patchy coat. After 2 - 3 months of daily Evening Primrose Oil there has been a significant improvement in both.
By Nr N D Charlesworth 25 July 2018
super my cats coats has inproved well only been using few wks had to put I food as my cas wont take any tablets orely
By glammerpuss 31 May 2018