100 ML/Bottle Socks Shoes Deodorant Spray,Shoes Stink Freshener Socks Odor Remover Spray Foot Care for Stinky Shoes and Smelly Feet Semme

100 ML/Bottle Socks Shoes Deodorant Spray,Shoes Stink Freshener Socks Odor Remover Spray Foot Care for Stinky Shoes and Smelly Feet Semme

  • ODOR CONTROL:Effectively fights bacteria that causes foot and shoe odor, freshens feet, sports shoes and sneakers.This deodorizes keeps feet and shoes fresh all day.Spray deodorizer directly on feet and into shoes, let dry and you are good for the day.
  • 100% SAFE:It is all natural formula this socks shoes deodorizer is 100% safe for all Men,women and teens.Remove bad odors from your shoes effortlessly and moisturize your feet at the same time.Deodorizes and keeps your shoes fresh all day long without ever clogging your pores.
  • APPLY ON ANY TYPE OF SHOE:Eradicate nasty foot smell and lingering bacteria easily from this day on use this shoe deodorant.Our foot odor eliminator spray comes in an ergonomic bottle sprayer for facilitated use.Spray inside your shoes,wait a few secs to dry and let it do the rest.
  • EASY TO USE:Super easy to use,just spray directly on your feet or in your shoes and have great smelling feet and shoes.Feels refreshing on your feet,you'll want to use it even if your feet smell great.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE:Your complete satisfaction is our priority.If you are not satisfied with our product,simply contact us to return the product or have a replacement.
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     Are you worrying about the odor from bacteria when you take off your shoes? Do you want to get a tool to help you solve this problem? Maybe our shoes deodorant spray is a great choice for you. It can effectively inhibit the breeding of funguses and bacteria, and keep your shoes and socks dry and clean. And it can eliminate odor from bacteria, remain fragrance in your shoes. By the way, potable size is convenient to carry with you.

1.Natural plant extraction, safer and healthier.It contains no parabens,no harsh toxins,no additives and no chemical substances.
2.Can effectively inhibit the breeding of funguses and bacteria, and keep your shoes and socks dry and clean.
3.Eliminate odor from bacteria, remain fragrance in your shoes.
4.Easy to use, just open the lid and press the spray-head to make the liquid out.
5.Potable size,convenient to carry with you.

Item Type: Deodorant Spray
Color: As Pictures Shown
Package Weight: Approx. 162g
Function: Eliminate Odor

Package Includes:
1 x Bottle of Deodorant Spray

Fantastic! I've been dying my hair for over thirty years, and tried so many different colours, but this is the first time my hair's actually gone the same shade as the front of the pack. I have been bleached platinum blonde for a few years and wanted a change without going dark, so this seemed like a good choice. Because my hair was *very^ bleached and porous, I first applied a semi-permanent, light copper blonde to give my hair some pigment for the Olia to grab onto, and it worked perfectly. The instructions were to leave it on the roots for twenty minutes, then on the lengths for ten. Because the lengths of my hair were porous from bleaching, I just left it in the lengths for five minutes rather than ten, in case it went too dark...Twenty minutes on the roots, five on the ends, and my hair was glorious, light, vibrant copper. It's shiny and bright and a really striking colour. Just what I wanted, a big change from platinum blonde but still a light colour. It also has quite a lot of lift, and will take quite dark (unbleached) roots to a light copper without prelightening. What a fantastic hair dye, beautiful, light copper with no need to bleach. I'll be sticking with this shade from now on.
By Portland Bill 25 November 2017
Probably one of the best reasons that I have for really liking Olia hair dye is the simple fact that it Ammonia free.
Gone are the days of stinging eyes. Olia appears quite gentle to use in comparison to other products yet it develops just as well as those products that do contain ammonia and it even covers grey well too.

I also like the fact that it does not stain my skin at all, unlike other products. Any apparent staining can be easily removed with a little soap and water.

The colors are great too and this brown looks very natural and contains no reddish tint at all.
By Trusted One 8 June 2018
I’ve been using Olia for years and have always found that it goes the same shade as the pack usually but am so disappointed with the rose gold colour. I had to apply twice - The first time the colour didn’t take at all, my hair just went slightly lighter blonde. Tried again and it worked, however it washed out after only 2 washes and is now blonde again with a very very slight hint of pink.

Don’t really fancy colouring my hair every week to keep the rose gold colour so back to blonde for me I guess :(
By Amazon Customer 26 June 2018
This is a really nice purple hair dye. I've had loads of compliments about it and it's hanging on really well after nearly 6 weeks (I waited to review it so I could see how it lasted). I have dark blond hair, previously dyed a deep reddish brown but faded out to auburn, and it went on a lovely dark and cool toned purple. Sadly this faded quite quickly but I still have hair which is a cool reddish plum colour, and the purple is still there in certain lights. I let it develop for a full hour as I find my hair is slow to take colour - it's definitely worth doing a few patch tests on your own hair the first time you use it.

If you are thinking of buying this, do be aware that, (like any purple, blue or red toned colour), the purple tones WILL WASH OUT disconcertingly fast, they just don't stick well. You can avoid it by washing your hair in the coldest water you can stand (no more long luxurious hot showers!), using shampoo formulated for coloured hair, and being generous with the conditioner and heat protective treatments but I don't think the initial deep colour lasted more than a few weeks.

However, I still get compliments on my hair and some people actually like the faded colour better than the initial one! I'll definitely be using it again.
By Miss G. 24 April 2018
A little darker than I expected but I think that was because I had adjusted to the amount of silvery grey and white I was getting (only 19 when I found the first few greys so thanks for that gene dad, lol!) so it was a bit of a shock.
However, it was so easy to use, and having never coloured my hair without help, I was a bit daunted to say the least but I needn’t have worried. My hair shone with the colour on and for the first time in ages I had a boost of confidence. The colour lasted for ages and I was really pleased with it. I got loads of (complementary) comments about it which is never a bad thing, eh? 😀
My tips are:
DO check the colour is what you want or go for a shade lighter
DON’T just use a pea-sized amount of the conditioner that comes with the dye. Be generous, (unless you have really short hair and don’t need more than a pea of any conditioner!!
DO make sure you get plenty where you’re covering grey, especially on the top, forehead hairline and around your ears to get really good coverage
DON’T worry if you get some on your face, skin toner on a cotton pad will deal with it really well!
Happy colouring!
By Rachel Armstrong 24 September 2018
Iv been dying my naturally red hair for years,ever since the Grey's started,usually use a different dye,which iv been using for years,just fancied a change, especially with the right ups about this plus without bleach,I put it on yesterday, it was on for longer than the stated time, carefully read all instructions,and when dry my hair was blotchy where there hadn't taken,and Grey's showing through too,in the shower this morning noticed red hair dye pouring down me,odd as I'd rinsed it thoroughly yesterday, never experienced this before,I did everything on the instructions,almost impossible to grip the roundbottle with gloves on,thought this was a gimmick.wont buy this again,stick to my usual.
By fiona clark 21 March 2018
Personally love this colour! I’m a natural red head so was looking for something low maintenance but brighter for summer. This is gona be a new fave! If you desire the colour on the box you will need to make sure your hair is very light before hand as the parts of my hair that are lighter are more pink than copper. I did pre lighten first but only a little to save excess damage.
By gemma banks 3 July 2018
I read the reviews on the other colours where they said the colour is very intense. With this it just bleached yr hair a lot lighter with no real colour to speak of. I was hoping for a nice gold blonde but I got a bleach look blonde